Out the window

Missed opportunity by not taking pics of the Conestoga wagon passing through American landmarks, but here’s a couple I snapped during my shift in the Saturn through Shreveport and Dallas. If you’ve never driven through Dallas, don’t. The most horrendous roads EVER, and that’s after driving the everlasting bone-jarring concrete in Mississippi!!

0 thoughts on “Out the window

  1. Hahaha ;D I’m glad you didn’t get swept away!! We managed to avoid the Texas flooding on the way through, and now we’re looking forward to monsoon season here in NM this summer where flash floods are inevitable. It’s a good thing Ben brought his ducks! ;P

  2. Oh big Texas. Thought were never gonna make it outa there heading to Californis from Florida as a 10 yr old-then experiencing my first “flash flood” on the way back.

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