From Front to Back – Driveway Redesign

In order to mitigate the below grade drainage problem at Casablanca, we needed to close off the main entrance and driveway from the highway and make a new point of entry coming off the side road. Calling on the expertise and goodwill of mighty fine and resourceful friends here, we were able to install a new gate and grade a new drive to enter the property in town. See what we did!

This work was actually started in the summer of 2021 in anticipation of the big dig we finally finished in the fall of 2023. Ernest and Santos brought the skid steer and some salvaged telephone poles to install the new gate posts. I could not fathom digging these holes by hand! Then, they moved in some reclaimed asphalt chunks and fill dirt to build up the new driveway. We put on the new glossy green gates and then I ordered in 6 yards of gravel from JPR in Rio Rancho to arrive a few days later (and quickly realized we needed more). Pretty straight up operation here, so without further ado…

Inspector Radar making sure we pass
Lots of imported smells to check out

Here is the second load of gravel that we spread by hand with Mark’s help after the cistern was installed.

All gussied up and ready for prime time
New parking spaces for our soon to be Airbnb guests… With a 50 amp hookup for RVs and EVs!

So, now, our biggest challenge is to get the parcel delivery drivers to actually turn the corner and enter here. Can’t say I blame them when the new garden path is looking so lovely!

Can’t wait to share more about the comings and goings at Casablanca… We can’t thank you all enough for joining us on this adventure. In case you are missing our off-grid shenanigans, here’s a little throwback to our untamed Sahalee driveway. Wishing peace and safe travels to all!