So you wanna be an off-gridder…

In case you don’t frequent SahaleeOffGrid  on Facebook, we wanted to make sure you knew about the wonderfully amazing crowdsource for people pondering a move to off-grid life, currently learning the ropes of living off-grid, or those who have perfected the art (or not) by having many years of off-grid living experience to share… 

The So you wanna be an off-gridder group on Facebook’s social network was our attempt at raising a real-talk informational forum that fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange to explore the myriad of  challenges and creative solutions to maintaining a self-made livelihood off the traditional utility grid. 

Power generation, food production, water and waste management, employment, construction, childcare, legalities, health and safety… Every possible aspect of self-sufficient living was fair game for people to explore from novice to expert.

Well, the notion caught on like wildfire and our little social chat of a couple dozen quickly grew to over 6K in a matter of several weeks!! It was amazing and truly humbling to see the rapid growth and rich conversation that developed with people sharing openly, honestly, and respectfully with another about the possibilities and limitations of off-grid life.

Not being prepared for the demands of moderating such a large group, in addition to some general feelings of discomfort with being on Facebook altogether, we opted to pass the torch in managing the passionate online community to our compatriots whom we know will carry on the same spirit of beneficial dialogue for the greater good. We are thrilled to see the group thrive with an ever deeper encyclopedia of off-grid living, and can’t wait to see more of what folks come up with next! We hope you will enjoy, as well!!

2 thoughts on “So you wanna be an off-gridder…

  1. Way to problem-solve!! We’re thrilled to share your success in finding the clear view and love learning from our off-grid community! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Haha, nice to see my temporary mast is getting some press! Its been moved as has our site. Moved from 60is% signal strength to 98% since moving as were not trying to receive signal through the abundant willows and trees.

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