The long and winding road

Welcome to Monsoon Season!! After weeks of hype, we are finally being treated to the downpours of ancient lore.

While the rains are quite welcome amid the scorching summer temps, we were anxious to find out how the drive would be going up and down the mountain. The timing was perfect as we finally sealed the deal on our new little ride that we affectionately named ‘Buffy.’ (Ol’ Reliable is still kicking, but we needed something a little more accommodating for the 60-mile high speed supply runs to Rio Rancho.)

Well, our first attempt to climb the mountain with wet roads last week was a memorable one. The skies were clear but there was plenty of standing water. Ben took Buffy down the drive first as a test before I tried to make the pass with the Saturn. No dice. Buffy’s nice street tires and lightweight rear end didn’t provide enough grip to carry her through the first mud bog (indicated by the red arrow in the photo below). The Saturn was quickly stashed by the main road for a later pick-up (orange pentagon).


The walk up the hill in flip-flops turned out to be a nice barefoot exfoliating mud-laden spa treatment.

After meeting up with Ol’ Reliable at the overlook, we regrouped at camp and came back to the stuck truck scene with boots on and some liquid courage in hand to reassess the situation (it was Happy Hour, after all).

With a few well-placed tree branches and 175 pounds poised on the rear bumper, Buffy did just fine pulling herself through the slick-as-snot clay mud and swished us up the sloppy roads all the way home. (Now added to the shopping list are a good set of mud tires, chains for both trucks, and some traction sand.)

–Insert musical interlude by Phish.

Buffy is cute AND tough

Making it safe and sound, we washed our feet and little dog, and settled in for a nice evening shower. Just another day in Paradise!!

10 thoughts on “The long and winding road

  1. We definitely have one of those love-hate relationships with rain around here!! ;P Looks like we’ll have a dry day today- Hooray!! Thanks for the comments, ML, and we hope the moisture is helping to make your gardens grow! Drive safely!! 😉

  2. Some folks up here have that greasy clay soil, can be a real challenge! We were lucky, our soil is sandy, and it has been raining, raining, raining this summer. Our neighbor has made a road to his place just by driving on the field. After a rain you fish-tail all the way out in 4 wheel drive, so, compounded in your case by what looks to be a pretty long drive, best of luck to you!!!

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