The long and winding road

Welcome to Monsoon Season!! After weeks of hype, we are finally being treated to the downpours of ancient lore.

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Joy and pain

Yes! We made it!! It’s just incredible- everything just as we remembered, and filling us with an electric energy. So surreal knowing that we are here to stay… Just perched on the side of a mountain with nothing but ourselves to create this whole new world and way of life.

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Ol' Reliable

My first car!! Needed a truck for my Grrrls… Thank you to the Gunnison Community Bank for floating me the loan! ūüėČ

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Without visiting in person before making an offer, we discovered the listing for this little gem on the back road to ABQ from Chama.

Criteria met: ‚ȧ$1000/acre, Borders National Forest, No HOA or Deed Restrictions.¬† Well, let’s call the realtor and talk about it.¬† Really?¬† That’s all you want for it?¬† Well, winter is coming and we won’t be able to make it out to visit the property so let’s hold off.¬† Maybe not, maybe we can mitigate our risk by giving a lower offer.¬† If he really is ready to sell now he will understand that we aren’t going to pay the full asking price without seeing it.¬† Success!!¬† Property purchased, hopefully this doesn’t backfire on us in a bad bad way.

Wow, just wow our expectations are exceeded.¬† Several miles up an unmaintained¬† road, bordered on one side by national forest and the property on the other three sides are owned by someone that just comes up for a few days each summer, and he was really a nice guy.¬† I think this will work, let’s start planning to get the hell out of Florida!!