Joy and pain

Yes! We made it!! It’s just incredible- everything just as we remembered, and filling us with an electric energy. So surreal knowing that we are here to stay… Just perched on the side of a mountain with nothing but ourselves to create this whole new world and way of life.

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"Aren't you excited????"

That’s what everyone keeps asking… Now, it’s 24 hours away from shoving off, and I’m thinking, “If by excited you mean a complete basket case, then YES!!”

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So far away…

We’re three weeks out from putting this Big Top Circus on the road, and I’ve been completely hands off of the operation over the past few days while I worked on some very meaningful farewells to dear family in MD and PA. (Well, I ordered our new composting toilet on-line, if that counts.)

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For sale: My life. All reasonable offers considered.

Eight hundred bucks brought in so far with only half the goods gone. All our worldly possessions up for grabs over the course of 3 days.

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The countdown is on… From today, we are looking at roughly eight weeks until departure. Waves of anxiety wash ashore at any given moment, and sleep doesn’t come easy with all the thoughts of things to do.

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