Joy and pain

Yes! We made it!! It’s just incredible- everything just as we remembered, and filling us with an electric energy. So surreal knowing that we are here to stay… Just perched on the side of a mountain with nothing but ourselves to create this whole new world and way of life.

Reality hits when we have some trouble with the truck. After arriving for lunch in Cuba on Sunday, all we had to do with our sleep-deprived selves was to unhitch the Ford, and unload the U-Haul by taking small loads up the four-wheel-drive road. Four loads in to it, the truck won’t idle and the steering goes batty. Seems a great time to be contacted by the local law enforcement! Mark and Ben are told that several neighbors called in about suspicious behavior, and IDs are checked. All ends well with the officer recommending secure overnight parking for the big rig, and a mechanic for the 4×4.

Suspicious looking group


In order to stay on schedule, we are forced to rent a pick-up in Albuquerque on Monday morning so that we can continue unloading the contents of the box truck. The next two days of labor result in me realizing I’ve just become responsible for cluttering the pristine mountainside with a bunch of materialistic crap. I mean, who just packs up and dumps their house under a pine tree in the middle of nowhere?! BIG thanks to Terry for bringing the 3-room tent, awesome care package, and a little full-tilt recreation!!

By Tuesday evening, we had marked off one of many tasks from the list, and were even more exhausted and physically beaten. But, there is more to do and no time for sleeping in. This makes it all worthwhile!!