"Aren't you excited????"

That’s what everyone keeps asking… Now, it’s 24 hours away from shoving off, and I’m thinking, “If by excited you mean a complete basket case, then YES!!”

Although the days have relentlessly marched on to this- our last in Florida- it seems I’m still having a hard time preparing for launch. Nowhere near where I wanted to be in terms of preparation, both materially and mentally. Still surrounded by piles of folded paper memories that are screaming at me with bi-polar voices, “Just let me go and live your life… But, don’t I mean more to you than a dirty recycle bin?!” This is sheer agony for me!! I believe I do have a bona fide illness… This move is becoming more than relocating (and starting a homestead from scratch), it is a major reconstruction of my being in separating from everything that I’ve held on to believing that it makes me who I am. Maybe it’s so difficult because I’ve lost treasures along the way in moving as a child (or some other psycho-babble), but today I am forced to chuck my decades-long collection of scrawled out sentiments and published artifacts from places I once was. Today is the day to unceremoniously say goodbye and start loading only the beginning of what’s to come… If I move onward, the excitement will follow. Right?!!

Well… Fifteen hours later, I overcame my extreme separation anxiety with a little help from Dad and our exceptional friends, and filled every nook and cranny in the 15′ chariot taking us home! Yee Haw!!! Let the excitement begin!!!

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  1. Think it was Tom Petyy who said “Letting go is the hardest part” Easier said then done. I think your both strong and courage warriors. God Bless.

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