Let's get cookin'

Following the suggestions shared in Vivint’s tips for moving, we are doing our best to “come up with some creative meals using only what’s left in our fridge and pantry.”

Tonight’s entree is last year’s Christmas gift of pheasant breast, which we dredged in a mixture of almond butter, light beer, crushed red pepper, and diced whole roasted Hatch green chile from the freezer, then coated in crushed saltines, and finally pan-fried in sizzling coconut oil.

It was almost gone before we remembered to take a pic of the finished dish!!

Just like Milina, we may have just found ourselves a new family favorite!! Is this dish what you’d call ‘Southwestern Asian Redneck’ fusion, or more like concoctive brilliance?! ;P

I especially love this moving tip because we’ve always been quite conscious of what we throw out so not to waste any more food than we have to. It’s been really fun to re-acquaint ourselves with the forgotten morsels, and savor the tender bites as a creative and flavorful reminder of how fortunate we are to have had food stashed away on ice.

Looking ahead, we’ll not have the convenience of overlooking our precious rations, so we expect even less waste. East coast specialties on the list to go with us are a can of Old Bay, and a jar of local orange blossom honey, which I’m hoping to incorporate in recipes for a soon-to-be-purchased Sun Oven. Since we’re still talking about food and cooking, I found this incredible wood stove that would really fire up our ‘kitchen,’ but we’ll have to save up for that major appliance purchase.

It’s going to be quite an adjustment not stopping at our favorite eateries on every whim as we are so used to doing here, so we are trying to enjoy as many ‘last chance’ meals as we can… Can you tell I’m hungry?!

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