3 months and 21 years

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at Sahalee full-time for just 90 days. It seems so natural, like we’ve been here our whole lives. Our 16 years in Florida now seem very much like a sweet tropical dream- Just a little blip on our personal time travel continuum.

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Ol' Reliable

My first car!! Needed a truck for my Grrrls… Thank you to the Gunnison Community Bank for floating me the loan! 😉

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West Meets East

First truck (all the way from CO), first house, in the same shot… Worlds collide. 🙂  No doubt young love was in full  bloom!  Florida is beautiful, let’s buy this house with all the fruit trees in the yard, get married on the beach,  hang out for a couple of years and then head back to the mountains.  The best laid plans right……I mean who woulda thunk a couple of mountain kids would own a house with Fruit trees in the yard, certainly not us!!


Paradise Found

Welcome to the Sunshine State!! We’ll just flip a house and head back home in three to four years, or maybe not!!  We left sleepy Gunnison, CO to find out what the east coast and the ocean are all about.  How beautiful it is.  Carey had been to Cocoa Beach, FL before and I just happened to have family not far away in Cocoa, FL so we decided to give it a shot.  What a great place.  The views are amazing, the wildlife is amazing and young love was in full bloom.  While we did love it here, it was just supposed to be a temporary stop—we are mountain folk after all:-)  Questions about Florida?  Don’t be shy, ask in the comments!!

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