3 months and 21 years

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been at Sahalee full-time for just 90 days. It seems so natural, like we’ve been here our whole lives. Our 16 years in Florida now seem very much like a sweet tropical dream- Just a little blip on our personal time travel continuum.

We met in 1995, aka The Summer of Love, while working as fresh-faced high school grads in seasonal temp jobs at Lake Powell. Ben filled up yachts and schmoozed their owners at the fuel dock while I showed people the ropes and shoved them off on their rented houseboats. We’d giggle aboard the ferry-floating bookmobile reading Dave Barry, and we’d venture out to scramble up the rocks with Moki holes on our days off when we weren’t tying party barges together for the broadcast Spring Break festivities. Those 3 weeks were just the beginning…

New Mexico quickly stole our hearts as we  left the lake to camp in the Carson for the rest of the summer. (Our parents were quite shocked and confused when we notified them of the change in plans several weeks later.) We worked at the local inns with diners so we could score some hearty meals and hot showers in exchange for cleaning rooms after cooking and serving breakfast.

Sweet little Corona found us outside the Smith’s on Ben’s birthday after being rescued from death row. Fuzzy pup Sierra came shortly thereafter when our neighbor introduced us. Our family was young, proud, and restless, and many years of story followed.

Today, we let the Grrrls run free back at their home home in the NM hills, and we celebrate the start to our next 20 years here with Radar at Sahalee.

Taos Canyon, 1995
Little Sis and Sierra in Durango, 1995
Corona with her new little Sierra in Angel Fire, 1995
We warned Corona that Sierra would grow up to kick her butt one day in Angel Fire, 1995
Sierra indeed grew up (next to the same couch) in Angel Fire, 1995
Angel Fire, 1995
Gunnison, 1997
Gunnison, 1997
Eisenhower Tunnel, 1998
Garden of the Gods, 1998
Ohio Creek, 1998
Moab, 1998
Gunnison, 1998
Curecanti, 1998
Taylor Canyon, 1998
Antelope Hills, 1998
Taylor Creek, 1998
Antelope Hills, 1999
“What do you mean we aren’t allowed on the couch?” in Antelope Hills, 1999
Crested Butte, 1999
Antelope Hills, 1999
Welcome to Florida, 2000
With Deb in Rockledge, 2001
On the way to Maryland, 2001
Sierra meets her body double somewhere on the way to Maryland, 2001
Rockledge, 2001
River Heights, 2001
Playalinda, 2001
River Heights, 2002
River Heights, 2002
Corona helping with kitchen remodeling, 2004
River Heights, 2004
It’s a dog’s life in River Heights, 2004
River Heights, 2008
River Heights, 2008

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