Groovy baby!!

The Sahalee Off Grid family welcomes our newest addition… Mark’s little yurt!! Yet to be officially named, the ‘mini-me’ version of our Super Ger arrived in typical ‘Groovy’ style when Yves pulled into Cuba with the big rig. (Several curious locals stopped to inquire, and one even made comment that the yurts are very much like a portable hogan used by the well-established Navajo people in the area for eons.) After loading up Buffy with the pre-built platform and entire structure (described as a one-camel yurt in Mongolia), we climbed the hill to unload and started set-up around 9am. It was a mild sunny day and all went off without a hitch to adorn the deck with a beautiful handmade dwelling. Mark was anxious to move in and spend his first night solo, so we bid him adieu after a celebratory toast. Please join us in congratulating Mark and welcoming the new baby to Sahalee!!

DOB: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 1:15pm

Vitals: 3-walls, 13′ feet wide, 7′ tall, appx. 450 lbs. (Each yurt has it’s own unique dimensions, and Mark was extremely pleased to have a bigger-than-expected delivery to accommodate his 6-foot frame.)

It's a big day at #yurtlife #1moreplease #sahalee #groovyyurts

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The one-camel yurt ready to go

Securing the rim to the platform

Affixing the bagaan to the tonoo

Three walls up

The first cotton layer is covered with thick wool felt, but we forgot pics of that part.

House wrap is on. Yves checks the door for a good swing.

All finished!! #sahaleeviews #yurtlife #sahaleeoffgrid

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The happy family (Radar put herself to bed after a very busy day)
If you would like to learn more about Groovy Yurts and how an authentic Mongolian ger might fit in with your lifestyle, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer any additional questions about the yurt life! Peace!!

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