Off-Grid with Hurricane Matthew

Leaving our home in Cocoa after fifteen years (and feeling quite an emotional return), we lamented not being able to experience another hurricane in the high-and-dry oasis of River Heights. As fate would have it, we actually were able to ride out the spinning giant named Matthew while staying at Mark’s house for an appropriately-timed and eventful family visit. What a thrill to experience the awesome and intense tropical power one more time!!!

Not really sleeping much at this point
The eye wall now directly over us

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Running in the old ‘hood

Closed bridges, downed power lines, police on the scene
River Road stays high and dry this time
Mark taking a wind reading ahead of the eye
Luckily, no major damage here

The back porch is gonna need some fixing

We lost power from the main lineat 430am. It’s still out as of this post.

Good thing the Yukon was just in for a paint job!!
Across the street
Next door

Thank goodness this storm was not as catastrophic as the predictions!! Everyone we know fared quite well with only minor physical damage and relatively little mental stress. We had family visiting from PA who had to evacuate their hotel on Cocoa Beach, but they made their scheduled flight out of Orlando just ahead of the storm on Thursday afternoon. We all spent Wednesday together at the nearly-deserted Brevard Zoo (complete with Rhino encounter), and gas stations were already out of fuel that afternoon. The grocery stores were out of water by then, too. Thankfully, the local pub still had plenty of beer that night so we could relax before a tense night of howling winds!!

Molly and her family stayed with Dad in Cocoa (the boys camped in the closet), but their Saturday flight was pushed to Tuesday giving them a chance to make up their Legoland visit – hooray!! Mark’s generator decided to give out now after 20 years (and despite Joe’s skilled intervention to attempt an impromptu carburetor rebuild), so neighbors kindly offered to run a line across the street. Our other neighbors are getting along as best they can for now until the power is restored with everyone sharing supplies and companionship.

As of now, our flights back to the high mountain deserts of Sahalee on Sunday are on track which will sadly put our impromptu hurricane party to an end. We are so extremely grateful to share this storm experience with our family and see everyone come out unharmed. This was a very real reminder to BE PREPARED for off-grid living because you never know when you’ll have to fend for yourselves. Again, the Space Coast community is an amazing place, and we look forward to our next encounter. Be safe, Everyone, and we’ll see you again soon!!!

Rhinos don’t seem to mind hurricanes!!

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  1. I see Howard!!! The hurricane was amazing and so glad the eye wasn’t across the street like Wyatt predicted! Still thinking of all those people in Haiti who didn’t fair nearly as well as us. Mother Nature can be a real B. just like the rest of us!

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