Super Ger!!

We were under the gun on Friday to position and assemble the platform in time for the yurt arrival on Saturday morning. It sounded a lot simpler than it really was.

Each support block had to be individually leveled and positioned at joints and critical load bearing areas requiring even more pick axe action, and patience. Everyone worked hard to ensure a stable and solid foundation for our new abode, but there still was not enough time (or screws) in the day.

The show must go on… Right on schedule, Yves and Peio arrived and were ready to show us the horsehair ropes. That is, of course, after we spoke to no less than 6 neighbors driving by in trucks who stopped to inquire about the activity.

More suspicious characters

Peio’s unofficial title is “Viewmaster”

There’s still a LOT of work to do. Though this placement is only temporary until we can construct a permanent deck, we need to build a sound step/porch, ensure weather-proofing and shore up some soft spots in the flooring before moving furniture and settling-in.

Like being in a cave, say some, the yurt conjures primeval feelings and elicits contentment of an ancient sort. Stepping through the door for the first time, you feel all the hands that brought this structure to life. The craftsmanship and assembly technology is awe-inspiring, making us appreciate the handmade human wit that engineered these perfected natural materials.

We are so grateful for our handcrafted Super Ger!! It truly is a work of art, and has so much meaning for not only us, but for the Mongolian people. Groovy Yurts is helping to build lives, and we are proud to share the story.