Power on!!

Against our bodies’ protests, we are still pressing forward with our aggressive start-up schedule… Yesterday, we successfully brought the PV system on-line and fired up the Internet in the yurt! HOORAY!! This was a critical element in putting together our master plan, and everything worked like a charm.

After 10 days straight of traveling and labor, it is unfortunate that this ever-important accomplishment had a very anti-climatic celebration. We were too tired to turn on Netflix!!

Below is what we’re working with… It’s a great starter system, and allows us to expand with two more batteries and one more panel in the near-future.

We’re going to be running some tests over the next few days to monitor our power usage and wi-fi reliability so we can be ready for prime time telecommuting next Monday morning. This was not a back-breaking chore per se, but the results are no less satisfying (or tiring). We look forward to furnishing our home and finding a new routine to make this transition to off-grid living comfortable and productive.

Now that we are starting to activate our ‘first-world’ amenities, I again found myself in a complete state of disbelief in realizing that this IS our home now. I actually chuckled out loud over the whole thing when I found myself pulling on the horsehair ropes to fix the urgh (outside skylight cover) before the sun set and the wildlife sang their evening songs.

Keeping me grounded was a nice little break from chores when we hiked to the Northwest corner of the property earlier in the day, affectionately referred to as “Yo Phooey Point.” This was Radar’s first real all-terrain walkabout, and she did great! She kept up under her own steam all the way downhill, across the arroyo, and back up again. It wasn’t until the rugged downhill over the tumbled boulders to cross back that she conceded to being carried in the pooch pouch.

Ending the day on our futon in the yurt, we felt an incredible sense of satisfaction and empowerment. Waking up this morning was even more energizing and motivating for what’s to come!

“What’s next?”

20 thoughts on “Power on!!

  1. I sure was disappointed in the news this last week.
    I thought Elon Musk was going to reveal a solar yurt…
    Love from Alabama

  2. Hahaha!! I love this!! 😉 You are welcome to dine with us in the yurt over bowls of Spaghetti-O’s any time!! We’re actually improving in the cooking department, and enjoyed peach buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup and crunchy granola topping for breakfast yesterday… Hoping to do more posting on off-grid meals as we go, so keep reading (and commenting)!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I’ve never seen a roadrunner, horny toad lizard or Sasquatch. Keep your camera handy…and keep your pup close at night. I saw the bell necklace – good thinking. Wish I was there to run into you during one of your hikes. Maybe you’d invite me over to take a look at your yurt and share spaghetti-o’s. I’m still trying to shake that old childhood addiction : )

  4. Hahaha!! We love you, Laura! <3 The nature is wonderful… We've seen bluebirds, jackrabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, hummingbirds, roadrunners, and horny toad lizards so far. There's elk scat everywhere, but we haven't seen them come by yet. We hear some sort of beastly calls almost everyday at sunset, but haven't determined if it's bear, mountain lion, bobcat, or Sasquatch. On the other hand, we've been well-introduced to the gaggle of little biting flies and gnats. :/ Oh! And, we think we've uncovered a new species of radioactive glowworm. Tiny little buggers flash specks of color after dark, it's pretty cool but now we're questioning nuclear fallout in the water. -ruff-

  5. It’s really cool to run the laptop with the sun, and we’re using solar lights after dark. The shower water is super HOT at the end of the day, too! 😉 Thanks for following, Deb!!

  6. Wow… I am not surprised at all. You guys’ love for living off of nature has always been something that I have always admired. Not that I could relate… but I DID admire. This is so very cool. It’s like you got your Teepee, Carey. I love you guys. And Mark looks great! Send my love to him as well. And pet that cute little pup for me!!

  7. Your whole journey looks so awesome! You’re going to love your energy independence.

  8. I love you all, and I’m so excited for you. The yurt and power panels are beautiful

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