Chaco Culture

It is really hard to describe in words this ancient and mystical place and convey the appropriate sentiment. Chaco is a marker in time that connects us to the eternal order, and is a waypoint for the spiritual traveler on this earth.

“These structures were often oriented to solar, lunar, and cardinal directions. Lines of sight between the great houses allowed communication. Sophisticated astronomical markers, communication features, water control devices, and formal earthen mounds surrounded them. The buildings were placed within a landscape surrounded by sacred mountains, mesas, and shrines that still have deep spiritual meaning for their descendants.”

Timbers remain from where our predecessors once stood, and the hand prints of antiquity warm the walls of stacked and lifted stone. While rock faces have fallen with age, the valley views show the snapshots seen by people of the past. Chaco is truly a magical and mythical place that firmly cements our humanness in this ethereal world. Goosebumps…

All photos copyright (C) 2016 Carey Beam

​Camping Gear & Food

There’s no better way to explore the great outdoors than by packing up a backpack and hitting your local hiking trail.

​​Carry enough food and water to see ​yourself through the​ entire trip.

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