Cocoa to Cuba

We’ll be loading up in just one week. Still much to do before we pull chocks, but we’re getting there. One task now scratched off our to-do list was to plan the driving route from east to west…

Here’s how it’s shaping up: Three drivers, two vehicles to drive and one to tow, eight pounds of pup, and six planned stops over nearly 2000 miles. We’re looking at roughly 36 hours on the road and rotating seats every 6 hours (with the obligatory comfort stops peppered along the way).

With Cocoa in the rear view mirror, we’ll take the little jog to (1) Destin, FL to visit a special little Southern Miss and enjoy our last meal in the Sunshine State. Not staying long, we’ll keep at it for another couple of hours to give our fun-loving family a squeeze in (2) Ocean Springs, MS and catch a little snooze. Next up is the nondescript (3) Montrose, LA exit, chosen just because we wanted to compare to the familiar namesake in CO. Moving on to (4) Wichita Falls, we’re hoping for a little – I mean, BIG Texas-style – action and some tasty grub. I’m sure crossing the NM state line will feel incredible, and we’ll look forward to stopping to breathe in the fabled Enchantment at (5) Tucumcari. (Isn’t it fun just to say that name?!) We’ll have one last chance to stop for supplies in the big city of (6) ‘Burque‘ before heading up the hill to our final destination where we’ll set-up camp in anticipation of the yurt’s arrival on the 11th.

It really doesn’t seem like that long of a haul now that we’ve put the itinerary on paper, but it will certainly be a drive of epic proportions. YEE HAW!!!

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