Movin’ on up

We’ve had a couple of weeks to settle in now to the new routine upon the big deck. It’s been longtime in coming since we endured a mud-laden summer, fall, winter, and spring in our old roughed-out location buoyed on cinder blocks down the hill. (Quite literally, we have had to shake off our sea legs from walking upon our very poorly platform for the past 12 months.)

Moving the 20′ Super Ger took only a matter of hours in total, but it was packing and hauling all the associated contents and accessories that consumed most our days- in between downpours. (Yes, our intent was to move earlier ahead of monsoon season, but we were unexpectedly called away for some important family time.)

We started on a Friday afternoon and stayed in the tent through Tuesday night. Everything was moved out to storage in the little yurt or under the deck by Saturday night. We had the yurt taken down and had the platform on the deck before it rained on Sunday. The Ger went up on Monday and we put the floor covering in on Tuesday. The futon was loaded in first on Wednesday and we have slept better ever since!!

It’s still surreal taking in our surroundings from the vantage of this island in the sky. Of course, none of this would have taken place without the help and continued support of a few key players, and we’re pleased as punch we have a proper setting for spending more quality time with these folks and many more.

Prime real estate
Disassembling the love nest
Where we found mouse carcass under the furniture
Letting our horsehair down
Canvas is off after relocating a wasp nest, moisture barrier and felt are next
What lies beneath (it’s just a sheet)
Super Ger undressed

A long day yesterday. We got the #Yurt and platform disassembled and put the platform back together on the #yurtdeck a little work this morning and hopefully we have one more #rain free #afternoon today and we can get it out together again. The #tent is nice and all but I am ready for #mybed happy Monday all!!

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​Camping Gear & Food

There’s no better way to explore the great outdoors than by packing up a backpack and hitting your local hiking trail.

​​Carry enough food and water to see ​yourself through the​ entire trip.

The spirit of the ger is contained in the door
Swaddling a yurt is a skill

Fits right in
The new view

We invite you all to come on out and see it for yourself at our First Annual Sahalee Open House over Labor Day weekend- Come for an hour and stay for the week! Hit the follow button and give us your email address so we can send you a personal invitation.