Off-grid kitchen and scullery

Most people couldn’t imagine doing dishes in the snow or cooking in the rain. Since we started with bare ground here, we’ve done both. Often. We’re thrilled to say that is no longer the case (for the most part). Two years in the making, we are now settled in to our more permanent arrangement with an efficient compact kitchen inside the yurt, and a full-featured utility sink and storage area within steps on the deck. Read on to see a review of our progress in photos!

Starting out in June of 2016, we literally moved everything we owned to the side of a mountain and spent the first ten days in a tent. We were so excited to be here, and being the enthusiastic campers we were, we really took it all in stride while cooking and cleaning outdoors. Our biggest fear was attracting bears and other wildlife since the signs were all around but, luckily, we never did have any major encounters. Meals were quite civilian, but the ambiance was blue-ribbon!

Once the yurt arrived, we were so thankful to be able to bring the cooking indoors. We still used our portable propane camping stove and gas and charcoal grills, but we now had a wood stove and added our solar-powered All American Sun Oven to the mix. The meals vastly improved as we learned to use the new appliances, but washing dishes was still an outdoor chore with water being hauled and warmed a kettle at a time. We had the best of intentions to build an awning over the washstand before winter arrived, but the snow came in it’s own time and caught us off guard. The new RTIC cooler came in to provide refrigeration.

Homemade English muffins on the woodstove!! #teaandcrumpets #supereasy #yummy

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In August of 2017, we had the deck built and yurt reset on top. LIFE CHANGING!! Never were we more grateful for a solid platform and a little more room to work with out of the mud. The time came for an upgrade to a 2-burner Camp Chef propane stove inside, and the outdoor scullery finally took shape with water on demand a la foot pump at a new utility sink from Craigslist. With just an afternoon of work, we were able to construct a simple counter for the sink out of scrap wood and arranged a more workable area just outside the yurt door. Inside, another few hours spent turning scraps into a kitchen cabinet really increased our food storage and food prep space.

Finally, we added finishing touches to include an elegant granite countertop we cut to fit from a remnant for about $75, the donated gas grill we affixed to deck-top stand, and the re-purposed grill rack we outfitted for the Sun Oven. Needless to say, our off-grid gourmet has been elevated to include the all-important pizza party!


Yes, we are still exposed to the elements outside at the sink, but we have plans drawn for a new awning with the best of intentions to have it installed before the snow arrives- and we all know what that means. In the meantime, we offer all our friends an open invitation to enjoy tea and crumpets al fresco with entertainment provided by our troupe of hungry hummingbirds!

Thank you for coming along with us on our journey. We are learning from so many and could not have made this possible without your support. Likewise, we are here to help those designing their own perfect life. If you have questions, please leave comments below. You can also make a reservation for brunch or cocktails, or request dates for an overnight or multi-day stay. We’d love to share Sahalee with you. Pups are welcome. Peace!!